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I have decided to look specifically at slow fashion for the artefact that I have to make based on my theme. Because of it being slow fashion, I have decided to make a collar, using recycled materials and making it completely by hand. I have had to do just the collar instead of a whole garment because of time restrictions, as doing a whole garment to the specifications of slow fashion would take months to perfect.

These are my designs below.




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This is a quick mood board of images I put together on slow fashion, with the slow fashion logo and the intricate hand made crocheted garment by Sandra Backlund and the hand-sewn wedding dress are examples of slow fashion, that have had time put in to them. The image of the cotton plant and the woman working on the mannequin show the use of natural resources and process of putting the garments together.

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Slow fashion

This came from a protest for a planned opening of a new McDonald’s restaurant led by ‘Carlo Petrini’ which introduced the ‘International Slow Food Movement’ which fights the cultural repression in the food industry and promotes the use of organic food.

Slow fashion came from this original concept. It refers to slowing down the whole production, and concentrate on the more important things such as designing, sustainability, more environmentally friendly production and materials, higher quality, and the good treatment of workers, rather than focusing purely on profit and not recognising the reality of what is happening the World and the cultures and people around us. It all comes down to being more socially responsible, and to think about what our actions do to others and our environment.

Slow fashion also promotes more individuality in fashion, as the pieces of clothing aren’t as mass produced and therefore not spread as widely across the globe. Surely this is what we should be working towards, a fashion industry which does not harm the environment or it’s workers and is not driven by profit and greed, but goes to back to what it should be, purely about the clothes.

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