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I took inspiration for the blurring of the faces in these photographs from a beautiful fashion photograph I saw in a French Vogue. Without a face the attention is drawn straight to the collar.

Overall I think I have learnt a lot from my exploration in to the fast fashion vs slow fashion debate in the fashion industry at the moment. I think if I was to do it again I would spend more time adding detail to the collar, and perfecting the fashion photographs above.



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Lecture Notes on Fashion As A Photograph

I recently had a really interesting lecture on fashion photography, I enjoy photography and so it is a subject I have a real personal interested in. The notes for it are above but there were a couple of pictures which particularly caught my eye on the slideshow:

Firstly this photograph of Eileen Agar by Lee Miller, I think it is amazing the way that she has taken the photo of the shadow against the white pillar to make the texture of the stone look like the material and the shape of the skirt. Also I think the contrast between the dark shadow and the white pillar makes it more effective!

The other photographer that caught my eye on the presentation was Richard Avedon, I think the first photo with the elephants is visually amazing, the dress looks particularly striking against the elephants skin. With the second photo of Tina Turner, I like his way of capturing the person in a movement or emotion, rather than just stood still in the way that fashion  photographs were at this time. I think it provides a much more interesting photograph!

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