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Lecture Notes on A History of Advertising


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Lecture Notes on Media Specificity

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Lecture Notes on A History of Type

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I was advised to research this blog after a seminar and I’m glad I did, some of the posts on here show amazing garments that are created by using technology for both artistic value and practical uses, for example, clothes that could be used medically to dramatically change people’s lives. I think the raincoats from SquidLondon that change colour when it rains are very clever!

Using technology to develop fashion is important in my opinion. It not only creates fantastic artistic garments but, along with other practical uses, it could vastly improve the sustainability of the fashion industry, for example I have recently heard that Marks and Spencers are creating wearable jackets out of recycled plastic bottles!

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In a seminar at college we were discussing technology within fashion, we were shown the video (below) on ‘growing your own clothes’.

I thought that this concept was really interesting, I love the look and texture of the material and the fact that it looks like skin! I was surprised to hear how many people thought that it was pointless because it isn’t, at the moment, practical. In my opinion it doesn’t have to be practical, it’s an amazing new discovery and an innovative looking fabric as well as an amazing new way of creating a garment. I also think the fact that it’s naturally occurring could be of great use in poorer countries and could really help global warming.

This lead on to the topic of whether fashion should be seen as a form of art or not, many people in the class thought that the more artistic fashion garments (such as Hussein Chalayan’s work) were pointless because they were not wearable and didn’t see them plainly as art. I don’t think this is right, just because it’s displayed on the body it doesn’t mean that it can’t be art, in my opinion it makes it more of a challenging artistic piece because of the fact that it is worked round the body, like a sculpture of materials. But the belief that fashion is all about creating practical clothes for every day wear overshadows many people’s views I think and makes it more difficult to see these garments as an art form of their own.

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