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Lecture Notes on High Culture/Low Culture

Avant garde is art/design  that is progressive and innovating and is often used to describe things in the fashion industry, however many people question whether it really is avant garde as we constantly see styles and ideas being recycled in fashion and trends being used again. However after seeing work from recent artists like Gareth Pugh, I think that he could easily be described as avant garde, his amazing work and the structures of his garments are a much needed change for a fashion industry that has become quite boring and similar all over the country.

http://vimeo.com/35851478 (Video on Gareth Pugh)


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Lecture Notes on Film Theory 3

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Lecture Notes on Film Theory 2

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Globalisation in the fashion industry is met with many different opinions. On one hand it could be a bonus for business’ as it gives them the opportunity to sell their products all over the world, it also allows the world to become more connected, giving us more information about other countries and cultures. But is it really a good thing? Is it helping us to understand the dress of different cultures, or destroying it?

Globalisation brings on the westernisation of fashion, different countries see western fashion as ‘cool’ and ‘stylish’, making it seep in to a large majority of cultures all over the world, thus the original dress of these different countries is getting lost. Hollywood plays a part in this as the films created there are shown all over the world and therefore the clothes that are worn are re-created in other countries. The internet plays an even larger part in this as it makes western fashion more available and accessible across the word, as people are not only able to buy clothes across the internet, but also are able to see runways and different collections that may not be traditional in their own countries.

It also allows companies to act in a socially irresponsible way through taking advantage of women and children in ‘third world countries’ as it is cheaper for companies to produce their clothes in less developed countries.
Globalisation also works the other way, western countries are influenced by fashion from other cultures as well, but in a less obvious way and through more independent companies. Despite the fact that most of the clothes in the western shops are made in non-western societies.
I think that these factors do suggest that globalisation is harming the individuality of different culture’s fashions but whether globalisation of fashion is a good thing I don’t know, there are positive and negative factors and I think only time will display further good and bad qualities of globalisation.

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