Photographs of collar.

I took inspiration for the blurring of the faces in these photographs from a beautiful fashion photograph I saw in a French Vogue. Without a face the attention is drawn straight to the collar.

Overall I think I have learnt a lot from my exploration in to the fast fashion vs slow fashion debate in the fashion industry at the moment. I think if I was to do it again I would spend more time adding detail to the collar, and perfecting the fashion photographs above.



Making The Collar

I documented the making of the collar I created to show the process in which it was made. Firstly hand-stitching a hem across the top, followed by pinning and stitching lace across the middle. I then adorned it with a decorative brooch and stitched on thin pieces of ribbon at the back in order to tie it on to the neck.

Product Range Plan

In order to develop my final collar further, I have designed a few other accessories which could be made using the same fabrics and with the idea of having a range of accessories all hand made and with the same specification of being recycled materials, sustainable and original.

I did a digital version of my illustration of my final collar design in Adobe Illustrator along with flats of the collar.

Final Collar Design

This is an illustration of my final design for my collar. I decided to do it quite simple and under-stated and focus on the slow fashion principles rather than a more avant garde design.

Artefact Designs

I have decided to look specifically at slow fashion for the artefact that I have to make based on my theme. Because of it being slow fashion, I have decided to make a collar, using recycled materials and making it completely by hand. I have had to do just the collar instead of a whole garment because of time restrictions, as doing a whole garment to the specifications of slow fashion would take months to perfect.

These are my designs below.



A tutor of mine recently said to me (on the topic of fast fashion): Is it a problem or is it just going to be the way fashion goes in the future? If it carries on is it something we’ll look back on and regret or will it just be a new phase that fashion goes through?

I personally don’t think that it is going to be the way fashion goes, there has been a huge rise in awareness in slow fashion and people seem to be determined to do something about it. Furthermore I think the un-sustainability of fashion at the moment is a problem that the World as a whole will HAVE to address, before the natural resources are exhausted or the waste produced does too much damage on the atmosphere.

As for whether it will be something we regret if it continues, I think it could well be. From a fashion point of view, the mass produced nature of the current industry is destroying all creativity and individuality that fashion gave people as a way of expressing themselves. The industry has turned from being all about the clothes to all about money, if this could turn back around I think this would be of great benefit to both the industry and the consumers.